Friday, June 03, 2005

Note the beautiful church spire in the background, and the warp leading from the camera to the steam Tug! Who volenteered to pull them off the wall as the wind was pushing them on? The vessel behind the steam tug is a Thames barge ( Greta if I remember correctly) which origionally carried grain and sugar from the Thames to Ipswich and beyond> These craft were sailed by a skipper and an apprentice. The lee boards so called because they were deployed on the leward side of the craft to reduce "lee way (seen here like great horizontal paddles) would pivot and hang down into the water. They were often used to dig into the mud bottom and help the boat to turn sharply (Pivot around them) Posted by Hello

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Maria said...

Morning Rob,
I love all the little tidbits of information about these boats and what they did. Thanks for the photos. I realise it can't be easy uploading from normal pics. Lovely story. Great pics.