Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Weathers great !

The Weather is great! its just boat weather, I could get loads of those jobs done, jobs where you can wear bathing shorts and work away un hindered in the sun, and what have I got to do??? visit the bloody hospital :o(( Oh well!! Winge over. Get on with it!!!

The engineer finally got a stuck injector out of cyliner three on my starboard engine. I tried to get it out in my usual manner but it was firmly stuck in. I had released it and could turn it by hand but couldn`t pull it out. The engineer purchased a "puller" and using it to its fullest he finally winched it out, right up to the last decimal of an inch of its shaft. (so it was well and truly coked in & I now don`t feel so bad about not being able to get it out myself).

Boring bits done with and now on to the better bits. I have just read another bloggers "things she misses from childhood", and I have to say that it was the most beautiful piece of writing that I have ever read. Its amazes me how a normal housewife ( her words not mine) and mother can write such a lovely item.

Another blogger who`s site I visit is about to go off to Mexico and start the next phase of her life and whilst I wish them well in their adventure, I will experience a void in my web life, in much the same way as when another friends computer is broken and they can`t write for a while. I do hope they will still write now and again. Mind you! I give no thought to when I take off and can`t write, but I guess thats because I feel that I am not missed as much (if ever! :o(( )

Gnasher has gone to the farm today with his nursery class, and is still suspect on the biting front. Some days he`s good and others he bad. His nickname has now changed to "Hanniball" worrying eh! I had an Ourang-Outang baby that used to bite, so when she took my finger and placed it into her mouth I did the same with hers and she screamed the place down (I didn`t bite either! honest) but she never attempted to bite me again, mind you I couldn`t begin to guess where her hand had been prior to my placing it in my mouth!! I said I couldn`t begin to guess OK! OK! Eugh!!!! I feel sick at the thought. I guess that I would be arrested if I tried it with "Hanniball" Oh well! he`ll grow out of it???.

His mum was out shopping today and I bumped into her she is looking well and convinced that she is carrying a baby boy and that its due on Tuesday or Thursday next week (yes she is pregnant and its due around then) whilst she is carrying it "all out front" I still feel that it is a girl it may be wishfull thinking but I have this feeling that it is a girl. We`ll see, anyway she is well and fit, so next week ish I become a grandfather again. Another reason for Hanniball being cured of his habit sooner rather than later.( just how many babies are you allowed to eat before you get chastized? :o)) )


Maria said...

But Rob, you're coming too, aren't you?
Hey, congratulations on the upcoming new member to join your family. Can't wait to find out if it's boy or a girl. Did you see the picture of my friend's baby girl. Born at 3.23am this morning. I thought they were going to call her 'AMWAY' because they are really into it but Nina it became.
He he! Digital cameras are fab for such moments.

rob said...

Great picture! they dont stay that way for long! My kids were like that "yesterday" now they are 36 and 34 years old Cor! don`t time fly! I pulled some more pictures off the MBY site of your boat via the owners site. I like it a lot!the hull seems very fair from the photo taken on the hard and the Herreshof pedigree is great. I think that the diesel cooker may prove to be an asset! Yea! yea! I know that it looks dowdy, and unusual? but, hey! who watches you cooking. Diesel is available everywhere but a particular gas cylinder maybe not. even in France we can`t get calor gas connections, so after Tahiti and N.Z. where will you get your next gas cylinder?. Master it! and get Francesco adept at servicing it and no probs! IMHO of course. What a bloody good job you didnt allow yourself to be sukkered into the other deal? Phew that was close! :o))
Take care!

Yvonna said...

Helo Rob...
Congratulations for becoming a granddad for the 2nd time!
I'm save now because the key has been found!*great relief*
I wish I could get a suntan but currebt temperature is about 15C.
I AM FREEZING.And what's\more i failed chemistry.
Tommorow I'm taking the exam once more.

rob said...

Thanks for your good wishes it is due next week and as the last one was a month early we have been on tender-hooks for a month now :o))

Im glad to hear that you passed the other exams and very glad that you get another go at chemistry, they must think that you are worth it. Do your best. No one can ask for more! and I wish you lots and lots of luck!

Yvonna said...

I passed all my exams!Math's,Physics's and Chemistry's results aren't excellent (at all) but I'm glad I made through it.
To 24 July I have to go to school but then holidays starts!
I didn't have any problems I changed the address just because. :P
In Cracow the weather is terrible but my dad decided to invited his friends for a grill, anyway.I'm just wondering if he's going to stand next to the grill and holding an umbrella above it (if it rains)
Today when i was in church I was standing next to an English marriage and I couldn't get even a simple world..Oppss...
Actually, I'm a bit down currently as if you mentioned about 'being almost perfect in English'.Will I ever be...
(just joking)
The weather makes me sleepy for whole days
HAve a nice sailing

rob said...

Great to hear that you passed all your exams. Forget how high your marks were! try harder next time :o)).
Dont be down! you will get better when you speak english continually as the girls do in the marina, there must be some english people in Poland that you can speak to on a regular basis?
You are on holiday from school on the 24th july (my birthday) so I will remember that! Take care