Monday, June 06, 2005

Away for the weekend !

Once again I have just got back from a weekend away at the boat. I went down on Saturday so that I could attend a local boat-jumble early on Sunday, and buy lots of bargains.

I decided that I would visit Asda (a large supermarket situated in the marina) and buy myself something for my dinner, however a large iced "bun round" with cherries on the top, looked good so I purchased that and eat every scrap. Well I had a great nights sleep on saturday and awoke nice and early, refreshed. I spent the morning looking for bargains which I found (lots of "must haves" at right prices) and on the way back I visited a friend who has chosen to end his days in a holiday trailor park. He is terminally ill and so he doesn`t see himself living in grandeur until the end comes.

He was in great spirits and pleased to see me, we chatted and had several cups of tea and I departed for the boat at about 17-00. My friends who own the same style of boat that I do invited me to dinner but I declined as I prefered to eat alone. They are situated on the hard at the moment as they are doing a lot of refurbishment work to their bottom and won`t go back into the water for a couple of weeks. I went to a restaurand in the marina and enjoyed a lobster tail salad and a rather large banana split with Vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce, Yummmmmiiieeee!!! and then I went back to a very comfortable bed and oblivion.

The engineer arrived in the morning to remove a leaking injector on my starboard engine but was unsuccessful as a result of not having an injector extractor so he will visit again tomorrow and finish the job (hopefully). I closed up the boat. changed the bedding and left for home.

Now I can`t wait to get back. I love being on my own there and being able to please myself as to what I do and when. There is nothing better, for me, than to have a tiring day "playing boats" and then after a shower climbing into my bed and falling asleep. I guess that I don`t do enough long "lone sail" journeys anymore. I think I will have to redress the balance. Boy am I lucky being able to retain my space????????

I am hoping to visit Warsaw in Poland next month with a friend of mine. he was one of my entertainments managers when I was working and responsible for the employment of various acts and a circus. Which we employed for well over ten years. In that circus was a very talented engineer Chestov and his wife Danoutta and we became good friends. We have both promised to visit them in their home country for ten years now and so it is about time that it happened.

My friend is about to book the flights and I am really looking forward to meeting them once again. They have two children and during the five years that they spent in the UK they all learned to speak perfect english as well as their children going to school here for the same period.

They loved England and boy! did we try to get them a permanent visa but to no avail. Now of course it wouldn`t be a problem, Poland being a member of the EEC now? I really am quite excited at the thought of meeting them again.


Maria said...

It's good to hear that you also feel that certain kind of magic when you get to stay on your boat. Before I met F and when I was alone and going to the boat every weekend, I felt so satisfied and happy with my life. Even though I was alone, I felt complete, almost as if the sea beneath the boat and then all around me was all that I needed as company.
A night on the boat is worth it's weight in anchors.
F used to live in Poland for a few months with an evil ex-gf. Then again, I'm being evil now!! He he!

rob said...

It surely is a small world!

Its funny but to me a boat is almost a person, they look after you in bad weather they nurture you, they are, of course, demanding, and occasionally chastize you when you are out of order. Yes I can relate to how you feel. Basically anything that you do whilst on a boat, you are totally responsible for. I like the space too I can go where I like and do what ever I want and only be responsible to/for me. Then I go home and its another world. :o)) I am wierd! When scrubbing the bottom of my old sail boat I found myself running my hands over the rounded bottom and thinking what a lovely shape it is, (so there you go!! Ive said it now! I was getting that loving feeling for a bloody boat!!!!! wierd or what!) te he! Thanks for the post you seem to be a bit better today.

Maria said...

Feel much better. Actually back to normal./ It was just so hard being with the man I love 24/7 since January and everyday saying just how much we loved each other and then he's gone and words just don't do our love justice. Being a woman, I got hurt but nothing had changed between us. He was and is just busy with the boat.
The changes happening in our lives are the stuff that dreams are made of and well, I'm so gobsmacked 24 hours of the day when I just sit down and think, 'Wow, we own Grey Dawn. We are going to become strange liveaboards. I'm never going to use a hairdryer again'
He he