Friday, May 06, 2005

Todays a day to be sick!!

I am sick and tired of listening to the leader of the winning party of our general election, droning on about how they now know what we the british public want. With their representation in Parliament down to 36% and the oppositions up to 33% I should think that it is pretty obvious what the public want, still a further session will allow them to prevent the approaching recession they will have caused ....NOT!!.

Enough of that I am not a political animal so I will tell you about my little foxy friend. each night at about 18.00 she waits for me to come out with the dog food tin and spoon and doesn`t make a move towards me until I tap on the bowl, .

Whilst feeding her the other night. My neighbour poked her head through the fence and asked if I was feeding the fox as she was too and that her boys have indeed named the cubs. She was surprised to see that I was feeding her straight out of my hands as they couldn`t get anywhere near her. I guess the kids were a bit noisy (three boisterious, footballing, young boys)

Tonight She ( the fox not my neighbour :o))) waited at the top of the garden as usual and at the same time as I tapped my spoon on the dish the eldest Boy from next door stuck his head through the fence, and asked in a loud voice, if I was going to feed the fox and she immediately took fright, and so I didn`t get to have the same close feeding time as usual. she did however visit and take the food from the bowl but was very careful to do it whilst she was alone.

I was going down to stay on my boat for the weekend today but my wife developed a cold yesterday and is coughing and sneezing for England so maybe we will go tomorrow. the weather doesnt look too good for the morning but will brighten up in the afternoon (yea right!)

I am gradually getting the boat ready for my visit to the Dunkirk memorial service visit. today I scrubbed the dingy. and yesterday I manufactured a stainless fiddle for my gas hob (to prevent pans from sliding off when at sea) I am now clearing up the mess in my workshop and garage Blahhhhh hate it!!! I have just heard that I can get WIFI for free in my Marina so that will be a treat I look forward to that (yea right!! if its true, theres no such thing as a free lunch)!


Yvonna said...



Great post!

Thank you for reminding me to feed my rabbit.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope it'll be sunny(But I don't believe forecasts, anyway.)

Yvonna said...


Maria said...

You are sneaky. Trying to get loads of comments via mentioned 'The Fox' again! Yes, sneaky. Very sneaky.

Your plans to sail over to Dunkirk will certainly give you lots of fodder for the blog. Look forward to reading about it.

Francesco and I are thinking of going for ferro-concrete for the boat. There are some beauties out there and all going for about 8 farthings! What do you think of ferro?
Well, time to hand the computer over to the boat researcher.
Ja ne.

rob said...

I have never had so many posts! :o)) Thanks everybody! Ferro eh? I new of a boat in Brixham Devon salled Maid of Portland (Made of Portland (a type of cement) it was derelict in the harbour with its hatches open and bits stolen off it rumour has it that the owner took it out and sank it! I think that if you are happy to go everywhere slowly, fairly safetly and with a modicum of regular maintenence its OK if its well made. but I wouldn`t expect to get much money when I sold it so if you could keep it for say ten years and initially purchased it for say 10K thats a roof over your head for twenty pounds a week! not bad eh? The problem seems to be that many were home built and not done to too higher a standard Basically a crap build). I guess if you find a well built one and have it surveyed by a Ferro expert and he says that its good you should be OK!Lets face it all types of boats can be badly built it just seems that more ferro are prone to the syndrome as for the concrete pox, I understand that it is easy to sort by using two hammers one on the inside of the hull and one on the out and chopping the hull back untill you get a good solid hull area and then make it good with the correct "ferrocenent and sand" mix, replacing the mesh as required. Rust seems to be the problem staining the hull continually as the structure gets old but once again I guess that it can be sorted by regular maintenence.
Best of luck!

B. said...

Rob thank you so much!
If only this guy knew what sort of run-ins I've had with engineers lately!
I mean, it must be marine engineers to design Beneteaus, Bavarias and Jeanneaus....leaving bilge areas insulated so that the water did not flow to the main bilge pump, leaky stay plates, hatches opening against incandescent halogen lamps...etc etc...I've seen so much of it! and of course self convinced geniuses not getting anywhere....bah!
Whatever, we really enjoy having you "on board"...

rob said...

Hi Francesco
Its really my pleasure! Sorry to hear that you have to leave Japan before Maria! supposing you had a back problem you wouldnt be able to fly out of Japan and would have to have a visa extension? or shouldn`t I suggest such things?:o))

Yvonna said...

Hello Rob!
I'm here online after 15 hours of sleeping after her coming back to Germany.I'm still a sort of tired...the same with the rest of my friends who had the exchange...

*sleeping on a keyboard*

I don't think that we'll stay friends for life...Just don't think so...It was cool to have her to stay but she's not that kind of person that I make friendships...I've already been told about another exchange with Germans in September and Ithink, I should start convincing my parents to it :)
Anyway, I'm going to visit her on 12-19 June.Some of the germans life about 30 km away from each other and I hope it's not Mona.I don't want to be separated from my friends...A friend of mine Agnieszka told me she didn't like her guest either and don't want to be very far away from me...

I don't know how about my clss trip to UK.I really want to go there!Really, reaally!But it was said that the date of the trip had been moved...NO!!!!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure that our teachers don't want to go with us..


I really wish I could go to Great Britain some day... :/

It seems to be such a magic and undescribable country...
( I could go on like that for ages about UK, Australia, NOrway, Italy and Poland..)
Polish internet sucks so maybe thats why you need to wait so long. Thank you for wasting your time and visit my blog anyway :)

Today my dad is coming back from Stockholm!I can'[t wait to see him again. He flew there because of some of his scientific work but I'm glad he's coming back...
I think, I need to think about becoming a physic to travell round the world ( but first I need to leave poland-here it's not impossib;e to be a good scientist-the salary is so small :P:)
Tomorrow I'm going to really tired.Dad is coming back at about 11 P.m.

Good bye & take care :)
( please don't correct I noticed that I can't speak correctly even in Polish)