Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dunkirk a small reminder of what sort of boats and what sort of people!

Above is a photograph taken five years ago at the last Dunkirk reunion I attended as an observer. The boat in the picture is called Bou Saad and was owned by Don Kahn
( sitting in the wheel house, at the wheel) Don was at Dunkirk as was his boat but not togeather at the time. He was a founder member of my boat club at Weybridge and until recently an active member if only at the bar. it was the likes of Don and many others like him that gave us British the ability to sleep in our beds at night free from the Reich. Don`s boat was always kept in pristine condition until it became too much for him, at over eighty years of age. I believe that he now lives in Spain and with failing health probably the best place to live out his days in the sun and the bosom of his family.

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