Friday, May 06, 2005

No change!!!!!!!!

Well the British General election is over and the same government is back in power. Im not a political person but I am glad in a way because we (the country) is heading for a depression, within two years, and the current party has borrowed so much money from the IMF that it would be unfair for the opposition party to get it (which is usually what happens) and then have to spend a long time sorting out the mess.

The previous party when in power sorted out most of the problems and were ready to sort the rest and then the great British public decided that it was time for change! and hey Ho! the current lot took power and made the same changes that were already in line to be activated, under their own name and for a while we had prosperity.

Now we have had to borrow so much money that the Depression will come as we try to pay it back. The last party will be voted back in and off we go again Bloody democracy!!! what would you do without it? :o))

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