Friday, May 18, 2007


"Globulation!" has to be my word for the day? :o( such a descriptive word that intimates so much without having any true singular meaning! is it associated with fluid mechanics? perhaps a bodily function or is it even the act of conjoining nuclear particles? I dont know if its truly a word in the English dictionary at all? if it isnt why shouldnt it be? "id" is. I always have a smile when I use it in a basic gutteral north country accented chuckle. Often I will say "I am so happy I think I will globulate?" or "Look how the water globulates around the bulb keel", or "it looks as if its going to be a great day for a globulation" There has been much consternation with my past uses, as Marketing execs, senior directors and others ( you know the sorts) have struggled to recall this word to mind and thus understand what I was saying so as to argue upon it.

A recent excert from Bull Sh*tter of the year awards 1973


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It had to be done!
good to know you are laughing!or at the very least "Globulating" :o))