Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A broker visits

Well the boat will be on the market this weekend, maybe, possibly. No! it will be, I have made up my mind, I can`t get the boat I want until I have sold this one.

Now all I need to do is decide what I really want, given that my existing boat has been used as a weekend cottage for the last year or two and that both my other half and I have mutually benefitted from its accomodation and enjoyment over the last couple of full years. What I really want is 64 foot and in the states but possibly out of my attention span range, in that I would never finish it completely (given that I am still finishing, perhaps re-finishing! my home which I first built , or didn`t? depends on which way one looks at it, some thirty plus years ago ) so which way to go.

I really like the Idea of sail but the accomodation is crap unless one gets up to something like a Swan 65 and then the headroom (I`m , 6 foot one inch, ish) isn`t always very good either particularily if heeled over. My other problem is that I want to do some distance sailing before I`m too old :o)) but my other half doesn`t like sail boats or sailing so I guess that if I go that way, I won`t be spending much "leisure"time with her anymore (what are you talking about you are retired everyday is leisure time) . If I went for something with a wheelhouse and big windows and the diner and galley up there, I guess that would be more acceptable to her but, why jeopardise the safety element with large vulnerable windows and a we don`t go anywhere anymore anyway as I try to keep her happy sitting in "our cottage" (Ive had a few of those too and finally I got rid of them, the last one being a four in one 17th century thatched cottage in Lulworth, Shi* if you ever hate anyone? leave them a thached cottage in your will ! ) So you can see my quandry! a nice sail boat ( a large steel ketch, maybe plastic) and I forfill my wishes and a large power boat and I can go to sea periodically and sit in my berth, cottaging? ( whoa!! I think that has a Gay connotation?) So, In my cottage with occasional forays out to the continent. Am I being too ambitious having last sailed (thursday last week actually!) well, owned a sail boat some twelve years ago when I was much younger!!!!!!! hell !!!!!!!!!!I aint old now just 63YO

I really have a problem perhaps I should let the boat go and then sit back for a while and see what happens. the last time I did that I went to sail. I have also just paid for the mooring for the year, so thats out! What to do?


Fuff said...

Oh blimey. There's so much to choose from though. Ummmmm. Got a short list?

rob said...

No :o(( not yet but it looks like power again!

RisingSlowly said...

Hmmmmm. Decisions. Decisions.

Eternally Curious said...

Hehehe...here Rob, I'll make it even more challenging: wanna buy my 41' double-wide luxury craft (2 baths, 3 berths) and sail it on out of this here Redneck Yacht Club?!!!!

Tehehehehehe!!! (^_^)

Seriously though - I'm glad I'm not faced with your tough choices! Good luck with that!

bowiechick said...

I can relate to your wife and boats as I USED to be like that until Greig kicked the livin' stuffin' out of all my fears just by being so damn solid and dependable. I still have fears and am resistant about stuff sometimes but mostly 'cos I am just trying to understand.

Really facing my fears has done me a world of good.

If that pretty boat doesn't work out I've got a ketch...;)