Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here I sit boored stiff!

Well todays the day that the beaulieu boat jumble kicks off an!d Im not there, it must be the first time I have been absent for many years, The boat is rocking gently and I am sitting at my compbox (obviously) attached to the marinas Free trial Wifi. It seem OK but the day before yesterday I was happily attached on my home Aol site and using all my "favourites" etc as I do at home and after a break for tea I tried to get back onto it and it wasn`t working. Sooooo I attempted to reconfigure my AOL and Bol*ocks I still couldn`t get in. Upon walking along the pontoon I noticed a couple of guys working on some telecoms cable and low and behold it was the wifi people, who had the circuit inoperable for a while and so I had reconfig`d my aol (basically ballsd up my settings) for nothing as they had it (The wifi) totally disconnected. They turned out to be really nice guys and came back to the boat and tried to help me to reconfig the AOL but they had even less idea than me (It would seem that it is now possible) so I am having to use Explorer for everything now, What a PITA?

For the last couple of day the weather has been great if a little windy ! OK for the sailors of this world! :o)) I have a sailboat mored alongside at the moment on the otherside of the pontoon but they don`t speak or answer when I say good morning and treat us as though we are not there so today after (I would guess) an exillerating sail thay came back in with a trainee at the helm yes they operate a training school, I guess) and made a real dogs breakfast of getting back on to their mooring! I was on the pontoon titvating a couple of rusty bits to my stauncheons so could have helped them easily but didnt! the Bstd that doesn`t speak threw a line at me and I treated it as if he wasnt there, the boat eventually went up the pontoon before he could get ashore or get a line to her and I made tea! I am now feeling guilty about my actions ? (I wouldn`t have posted my feelings, or would I have anyway?) I got a great deal of satisfaction at the time, almost the same satisfaction as when I cut six foot off a noisy Dynema halliard whos owner had been asked to stop it clattering continually for about 10 days (and I had also been aboard and tighed it up correctly at least three times! what a bas*ard I can be eh?) They knew I cut it as I told them that I had sorted out their problem as they couldnt! it didn`t happen again I am glad to say.Oh they wern`t the people who don`t talk by the way!

Having not moved my boat for a considerable amount of time, and using her like a caravan
:o((( I have amassed a fair amount of weed on its bottom particularily around the exhaust outlets and the trim tabs. last year I climbed into the water and cleaned it off but this year I was particulary dilligen with the antifoul and it has still encouraged a complete forest to develop I wonder why? I do have some rubber antisurge flaps on the exhaust and the growth does seem to like the rubber but I covered it with antifoul and it still happens, perhaps I will add some antibiotic (tetracycline to the antifoul this/next year?

Well grumpy Bast*rd signing off for a while! :o(( bored boired bured bired boooooooooooored)

Well at least I have the luxury of being able to be bored, unlike many others ???????? so I spose I should be grateful really?
Ok then! Grateful B*stard signing off now! :o)))))


Fuff said...

I think you were kind to them and not a bastard at all. People who are like that deserve a good dose of their own medicine.
I'm told chilli powder - lots of it - in antifoul is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Need a diver????? xxx

rob said...

Oh yes! but discretion needed in the Marina as they are twitchy about it due to (they say )H and S! I could anchor up outside I spose? would need to be flat calm or american football protection needed! Tee hee, How u doin XX any more news?

rob said...

My wife once put chilli powder on "her" garden :o)) to stop the foxes digging up the fucias! we were awakened at four in the morning by a very jouvenile sneezing, to find a tiny fox cub sitting in the garden on its haunches rubbing his snout and eyes sneezing profusely! she never did it a gain Poor Foxy, I guess "weed won`t sneeze" :o))

Fuff said...

Awwwww. Teeheee :)

Tim Zim said...

You have a boat and are bored?

I can't conceive of such a notion :-)

Sounds like you just livened up that relationship with your neighbours a bit!

rob said...

Hi Tim thanks for your visit! Im not usually vindictive and more often than not over indulgent with regards to being friendly, but the Bstds next door are a PITA they look through you without answering their kids 18 year olds + push past you as you open the security gate and let it go in your face without saying thankyou! generally crap people. I do have a lot to do to get the boat working OK for the season such as engine services on both engines and antifoul but really cant get going so far this year :o(( Yes I have plenty to do but I guess I am bored as its not what I want to do which is Sail off into the blue yonder for a while!HO hum! whinge whinge! :o)) your boats looking stunning except for the horizontal safety rails on the brige deck walk way ! when are you going to get them straightened? He He !! I jest of course.

1st Mate said...

Hola from Mexico!
Imagine making barnacles sneeze!

rob said...

Ahhh Cho!!!!!! good to hear from you! I haven`t heard from Maria for a while is she OK?? is she ever? Tee Hee I guess her comp box is broken or she`s off on a cruise? or she is in hospital I hope its the former two and not the later Oh! I guess her liver could be complaining? just a thought? :o))

bowiechick said...

Yup, sorry Rob, I'm with Tim on that one. It was always told to me that if I was bored I had no inner resources.

Well, if you were in my neck of the woods, I'd solve that dilemma for you "toot sweet". Then again maybe Tim could use a hand unless you don't live in his 'hood' as the kids say these days.

Tee hee, Tana

rob said...

Hi Tana great to hear from you ! Whoever told you that was correct, I do think however, that “inner resources” are sometimes at a low in all of us from time to time! I retired at 52, I am 63 now and yes I know it was too early) I live life to the full with the occasional boat delivery, work on my other project and a house and boat to keep maintained but I do like to do what I want to do and try never let the pressures of these things effect me. For example I have the boat to lift out and its bottom to scrub, repair antifoul, the topsides and above waterline hull to clean and polish and a few bits and pieces of other repair to do, as well as my project to finish and appraise (more complicated than it may at first seem). I also attend lectures (in my chosen subjects) to broaden my mind in the areas that I am currently involved, and maintain a great relationship with my wife and my house, keeping them both in tip top condition :o)) “chuckle” ( I didn’t say that ! Right! She`d kill me if she knew that I thought I kept her in great shape as she`s pretty good at that herself, and me too) Oh! I forgot the grandkids as well who are a delight of course(aren’t they all when you can send them home). So I have no real reason to diagnose myself as bored perhaps I should have said frustrated at not being able to progress my current project as fast as I would like to, as I have to rely on others for the next stage, not being competent in electronics myself. (That will change soon as I am researching another contact re that aspect) So I think maybe I was more frustrated and perhaps not bored ?

Your site is great! I loved the lightship pictures but wonder how any repairs will be done to the wrought iron hull other than with riveted patches? Thanks again for your visit, sorry to go on so long as I think I was trying to convince myself rather than anybody else :o)).

susyrosy said...

Hi Rob - thanks for the message you left on my blog - it's probably the worst thing that could ever happen - a perfect little boy, asleep but not sleeping..

How did you see this?

rob said...

Mmmmmmm on Mmmmmmmmmm`s blog a fish in japan! (her old blog) or risingslowly1 mehico today