Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Views of Cherbourg (could be anywhere really)


Fuff said...

Yay! Love Cherbourg, especially the finger pontoons that once landed on have a habit of submerging you waist deep in water.

rob said...

Well they do say that you should never jump of a vessel before its safetly tied up! don`t they? I once jumped off a fishing boat onto a military bouy in cawsands bay Plymouth, during an excursion to the fish and chip shop and later the pub, ( I did it to secure the mooring line so that we could go ashore in the dingy) the Bl*dy bouy just turned over with me on it in my best pub gear. Tee Hee! some great restaurants in Cherbourg too and some even nicer boats. A nice (boxed) Red wine in Lidle`s for 85p per one and a half litres too, so Im told, of course) :o))