Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friends of mine are off!

They have got fed up with the UK and are off to the La belle, France in May, they have the same boat as mine and will pay exactly half what I pay in mooring which includes power and all fees! I am sick as a pig as I would also like to leave the UK but by sail, buuuuuuuuT Grandchildren and the like keep me here as well as a need for some health insurance!

Of late I have been involved with an electronic system which will help me to economise on fuel and so I have comissioned an electronics engineer to design and build a small simple circuit, but he seems to be afraid and qoutes such comment as "this is dangerous"-" you will kill yourself "-"I am a member of an institute and the ethics won`t allow me to do this!" So I have kicked him into touch not as a result of the previous comments but the final comment which was:- "if I do do this it will start at £500 and be £500 for every mod that I do"" ??????? Coughs outloud Phew!!!!!! so everyone does have their price!!

I will build the circuit myself if I can get my act togeather and glean the knowledge that I need to do so, from the relevant books etc. Butttttttt If you do know of an electronics (design) engineer or just anybody that would be interested in building a simple circuit ( I have the drawings) for me I would be pleased to hear! I`ll even share my thoughts of how I expect to be able to run a car on water with them! (truly).

No I`m not some mad professor type! but I do have an enquiring mind and a mentality to go with it and don`t take "impossible" as a word that fits into my vocabularily, and what I have in mind isn`t perpetual motion or even over unity, as some power is needed! Ho hum! back to my laboratory (garage) for more development ( polish the car) please bear in mind my possible need for an electronics engineer if you think of it! By the time you read this I will have the the production cell finished and the electronics will be needed urgently!!!!!!


Eternally Curious said...

It is so tough when friends move away. Hang in there Rob!

As to the rest, well, these days it is a rare bird indeed that truly has a free spirit and an honest sense of adventure and ingenuity. Too many of us have become far too accustomed to "coloring only within the lines". I do not know of any persons with the knowledge and skill you seek, Rob, but I sure do hope you find one. Doing so would be confirmation that things like initiative, ingenuity, and a strong willingness and preference for thinking for oneself does indeed exist. And THAT I would celebrate wildly!!

rob said...

Thanks for your Comments EC I will hang in there and get there eventually! I have always thought outside the box and wonder sometimes how people such as Stephen Hawkins came up with his theories regarding black holes when there are so many Nay sayers about?
Thanks again EC

squiff said...

Hey Rob,

Don't think of them as leaving, think of it as another place to visit and partake in the wine and revalry.

I have a friend at uni who does electronical sort of things so i'll have a word with him and see if it's ok to give his number to you. Also if you could email me a flyer of exactly what you want i could put it up in the electronics department and as you say everyone has their price and these being hungry students...

Huge hugs and loads of love. xx

rob said...

Hi Squiffy How are you doing with the "project"/dissitation?
Thanks for the mail and comments I
would simply love you to talk to your friend re the electronics!

What I need is a "square wave" generator ( it has to be a perfect square wave) with a "markspace ratio" of (90% on 10% "off")and with a minimum voltage of 1 vdc (to retain the polarity) I expect it to need at least 150 amps to drive it, possibly anything up to 200A but if a way could be found to drive it with voltage and not high ampage ( withoput loosing its efficiency) I would be extremely happy. If they are interested in helping me I will send a drawing and parts list. I am off to Maplins today to pick up the parts list for my first attempt (there will be many I`m sure if I dont get some proper help!) Take care
Big hugs! RobX

Tim Zim said...

Hi Rob

All sounds a bit tricky to me, but then I've found that the really hard stuff is not so bad once you've done it.

Besides, if it all blows up you know what not to do next time!



PS - when are you going to drop by for a cup of tea, you are more than welcome on LJ?