Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Blog for today!

Well I am now back from the boat having had a very singular and selfish couple of days, eating when and where I chose. Rising late and walking and talking to everybody who would give me the time of day (not many, at age sixty two, six foot one inch in height and sixteen stones in weight).

Yesterday I laid a new Oak floor in my conservatory and this morning I have just finished the edging/cover fillets around the edges, with quite a few intricate “mitres” (I served an apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner, working on for at least five years after finishing, so I haven’t done too bad a job) and was repositioning the furniture which included a heavy metal picture frame with beautiful photographs of my much loved grandchildren in. As I moved a gate leg table the leg closed and the table folded the frame impacting with the floor on its sharp corner. Upon closer inspection I found (you guessed !) a chip in my new floor, where was it (you guessed right again) right in the Blo*dy middle of the F&%$£* Floor!! :o((((. It was a sizeable chip about five mills square. I had taken such care to lay the floor to the best of my ability and now this had happened. I contemplated suicide! Nah! Not my style I contemplated removing fifty percent of the flooring and replacing the board, finally I contemplated filling the chip which I decided was the best way to go so I mixed up some two pack resin and added various, spirit, wood stain to make it the right colour, sort of a baby sick colour, and made good the chip.

Isn’t this really a lesson for life? In that no matter what you do, there is always something or somebody that will spoil it for you if you aren’t careful, and I wasn’t

I am now on my knees looking hard and I really can’t see the chip repair so I am well satisfied with the result, although it is still a bit like having soiled goods!

The overall result of the new floor along with the new furnishing has really lifted the area and when I extend the wet heating into it later on in the year, it will bring it into the all season benefits of the house.

I was watching a program on the TV last night that looks at different countries with the view of people buying holiday homes there and last night they were exploring Poland. They showed three suitable properties which were truly amazing, well built and lovely dwellings. The big thing that I thought the program really “brought across” was how lovely Poland truly is! also how nice the people are (I already new that from my Polish friends anyway!) It really is a hidden jewel in “Europe” One day I will get to visit (soon I hope) and maybe have my dream, fourteen metre (steel ) long keel, ketch built there!

“Dream as though you are going to live a thousand years
Live as though you will die today”

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