Monday, November 07, 2005

I`m Bored!

So I am off to the boat today for a few days, I haven`t got any real work to do on her so I will visit the Pavillion, museums, churches, the Lanes, markets and gunshops and do the sort of thing that I enjoy and fuel her up for the winter. Its really going to be a "selfilsh visit"I will eat in my favourite restaurants, rise late (fat chance as I`m always awake by 05-00) and sit on deck in the evening drinking tea and reading (if its not raining) What more could I ask for I am indeed very lucky to be able to do what I want, when I want!

When I return I have to fit a new floor in the downstairs bathroom and the same in the conservatory. Small price to pay to get away for a few days. The 16th is my wifes birthday she`s 30 years and 11680 days old (she will kill me for saying that te he!) so this Sunday we are having a family Lunch/Dinner and my Daughter is bringing he new Man to meet us so! I have been warned to be on my best behaviour, it would seem that this is the one (but then the others were?) I really don`t understand I only had one girlfriend and then I married her and we are still married! (yea right! believe that and you will believe anthing) I didn`t have many ( not with my looks!) anyway. Oh well! I`m off to the boat now.

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