Thursday, April 21, 2005

Getting the needle?

No its not because nobody reads or comments on my Blog its because I had a migraine yesterday and used my Accupuncture skills to immediately erradicate it. Oh! yes you can Laugh! But it works for me.

Some years ago I was looking to buy a book on the subject and some needles and approached a Chinese doctor for some information. She was astounded that I would want to try this ancient art and laughingly sent me on my way saying that when you are ready come and visit me and I will give you your first treatment free ! well that was nice of her but I really wanted to do it myself being an independant b*astard.

I mentioned to my wife that I had been into the Chinese doctors and she wanted to know where they were, and as she wanted to try their style of medicine out, for a minor skin problem she was having. So I went back with her and she got her treatment which also worked.

Whilst waiting I had a good look at all the figures and charts depicting where the needles went making copious notes and drawings ( well they shouldn`t leave them around) and the Doctor spotting me said "you are keen aren`t you?! and I smiled politely and said if nothing I am determined. so she said that as my wife was visiting for another few weeks she would teach me how to insert the needles and some key points and the rest I would have to learn for myself, so Off we went!

Now I am a little more adept and can cure my own Migrane and the odd pain or ten. I have to say that I am very unscientific but I do ensure that the needles go in the right place and "hit the spot" and haven`t yet collapsed my lung te! he!! I keep well away from them, having suffered from that once in my life when I was impaled with a hat pin by an angry spectator at a wrestling match, Yes you guessed it, my fault for making her mad by cheating! I felt this awful pain in by back and the Ref stopped the bout (just as I was winning!) and told me that I had a pearl on my back which I asked him to take off thinking that I had fallen on to it or similar and it was now stuck to my back, as he did I found that I couldnt breathe properly and that there was four inches of steel pin attached to it. so Ambulance ,hospital, reflated lung, antibiotics and work in the morning.(what a hero? Not!)


B. said...

My first introduction to acupunture was when I went to India as an 11 year old moron. I saw turban-clad men crouching by the sides of the road with their acupuncture needles stuck in their headgear.
It's fantastic that you have learned to do it for yourself. Do you wear a turban too?
Posted by Maria

rob said...

A turbine? certainly I do!!!! I wine all day!! :o))

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