Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Foxy day

Many people dont like the local urban wildlife but I do and encourage it. In the past I have had a vixen regularily have cubs under my garden shed and as many as five is not unusual. I did however fill in the entrance this year as I was afraid of the floor of the shed collapsing on them as it was getting like the floors in Stalag 17 so she had to go somewhere else.

Today we had another visit from Gnasher and his mum who had collected my Daughter who is incapacitated after a fall in a NewYork nightclub? (I asked her whether the pole collapsed) It happened as someone pushed somebody and they fell on her causing her to fall and someone else to land heavily on her knee. So no driving for a while and hence Gnashers visit as my daughters doctor is local to us.

While he was here I introduced him to the latest little vixen who has just had cubs and upon my dinging the dog bowl in the garden she comes and feeds out of my hands sometimes, even with Gnasher standing delighted alongside. what a thrill for me to be able to show him the nicer side of life. after a whole large tin of dog food laced with an anti mange tablet she stood with us until Gnasher got bored with the innactivity and we went inside. I guess the next doors shed is becoming springy now.

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