Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day

Sam My daughter, who as you know, got married last year, is due to have her first baby tomorrow at 09-10 (C section) We am looking after the pup ( Sophie 1 year old yesterday) for a couple of weeks , that will keep me fit walking her each day for an Hour. I guess that my boating season will be shortened as I expect My wife will want to be involved with looking after the baby :o(( rather than being on the boat for weeks at a time. So I guess that I must plan some more trips and deliveries to keep me busy.

Yes I`m "worried a little" that all will be well but there is nothing that I can do, so I can`t really worry about it but a small concern creeps in now and again. Sam is very laid back and unconcerned about it and takes it all in her stride so 10-00 on Monday we will all know how its gone :o)) I guess that there will be much celebrating in the household tomorrow?
I suppose I could get the dog a life jacket and take her down to the boat with me. Mmmm might be a bit of a pain, maybe when she is older and better behaved!


Stan Chion said...

Cor. It's all happening in your neck of the world.
Gah gah.

rob said...

Hi Mmmmmm! Yes it is isn`t it! I guess than from now on I`ll be on my own on the boat and kept informed on how the baby is doing by phone :o(( Ho Hum! I suppose I have to make all the right noises too :o))

I have just finished my second Hydroxy production cell only to find that I have a major electrolyte leak! Bo*locks now I have to manufacture another electrolyte enclosure! I could do without that at the moment. Oh well! I have to do it and move forward! :o((