Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Windy day? just checkout that ensign.

What an Easter? I guess as its the earliest for a good few years, we must expect bad weather. I got a load of jobs done on the boat and watched the rain , on one occasion snow too! and read.
I tried all the newly opened eateries and a few of the existing ones,around the marina, so thats another easter done with. I guess that I shouldnt even comment badly on our weather as our friends in the northeren hemispheres have it much colder and wetter than us. The delivery jobs are sparse this year so I guess that I will just scratch around and generally take it easy for a while.


Tim Zim said...

Take it easy?

I don't believe it!

rob said...

Thanks for popping by Tim. I still hope to get down to visit you one day.

Seatotaller said...

Wondered where ya'd got to.
Ooh, visit me, too. You and y'er missus come to Japan. Would be fab.

Anonymous said...

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rob said...

Hi Mmmmmm! that would be fabulous, thankyou for your very very kind offer (likewise yourself, should you ever want to visit Mud Island??) I personally would be out there like a shot but unfortunately my missus doesn`t like to fly long journeys, so its out for me as well, Im afraid. Would love to meet you one day, its been a while now hasn`t it?
Take care, Im so glad that you " got out the bay" and kind of proud, by the way, that you did it all.X

Cynthia Johnson & Mike Nickell said...

Hello Rob and thanks for visiting our blog!

Mike would love to live in Guaymas - just south of Bliss and The Capt's San Carlos - so that he could run a charter fishing business. Like you, Mike loves the sea. Maybe some day, but for now our sights are set on Mexico City. ¡Adios!

Gloria Ives said...

Looks like the Chesapeake Bay.