Sunday, September 02, 2007

What does one do for a weekend?

Well instead of the whole week on the boat I took myself off to the Brecon beacons in dear old wales, arriving on friday mid afternoon and returning late on Sunday! I had a really enjoyable time meeting a lot of new and interesting folks including the owners of the countyr pub/hotel situated at the base of a mountain (hill) in a splendid valley.

My purpose? Id like to be able say, was to walk, ride and or to climb but time/age precludes that I`m afraid) I actually attended a conference, in fact it was the first conference of its type in the UK in that the theme was "free or over unity energy. Boy did I enjoy myself! I have always enjoyed learning new skills or discussing old and forgotten ones along with similar interests and fields.

I gave a small presentation, with a question and answer session, reference my development and the cells that I have built and the successes so far, in the belief that if I share all the information I have obtained the likelyhood that people should have to die in the cause of protecting oil suppies will (may) lessen and no longer will our children have to die to protect the fortunes of the few.

The other presentations mainly regarding magnetic OU engines and general electronics were brilliant if a little (lot) over my comprehension but perhaps I`m not being fair to myself, I understood in part but tended to shy away a bit :o(( the conference in fact lasted a full, well filled, two days, with demonstrations of Stanleys Meyers work along with other demonstrations .

I now look forward to tidying and reorganising my workshop and getting back to some new ideas to increase production with the eventual inclusion of one of the cells, successfully, into my engine installation/s ?

I really feel that this year is the year that will see great forward movement in the realms of alternative , cheap or free fuel supplies.

I started home at around mid afternoon and laboured through the beautiful countryside only to find Blo*dy Fu*k$%£^ng "TIN TENTS" everywhere. damn RVs and caravan wobbling along at about 20 miles and hour around the tight and dangerous bends of the otherwise idillic countryside, at no time did they pull over (like the farmers do, when they feel that they have inconvenienced enough other road users) they just continued for mile upon "Sodden" blo*dy mile.

On one occasion the car in front of me started to flash his lights and toot his horn but still they wobbled all over the road and speed up when a slight possibility appeared for safely overtaking. Fu*%$£"*ng Tin Tents they ought to be made to travel after midnight and then only after the owner has passed a suitable course of instruction and a stringent test! "Bah Humbug" !!!!!!!Bloody Fuc*&%£$ng TIN TENTS they really Pi*sed me off and caused me to take at least another hour to get home :o((

Still I did so safetly and I guess thats all that matters to my family? I suppose !


bowiechick said...

As a kid who's parents are RVers, it is my Dad's rule to always pull over if he had more than three vehicles behind him. Then he is 74 and of the vintage where by people understood this concept called "courtesy."

The lack of courtesy everywhere. It's meaning lost now in the hurly-burly of the 00's. I thought the "ME FIRST" thing was just a Vancouver thing. Apparently not.

Good luck with the alt energy endeavors.

rob said...

Hi Tana! Thanks for your visit you are right, courtesy is no longer prevalent anymore! when we walk along the marina wall (which is open to the general public) to the restaurants, most of the people coming the other way (and there is room for at least four people abreast) ingnore the fact that you may want to pass hem and generally ignore us and continue walking four abreast until rather grudgingly they will make a gap for us to walk through in single file. As a almost red blooded male it really Pi**es me off and I do stand my ground but upset my wife in the meantime so we ingnore their actions> Its not just young people I am afraid that I find that all ages of individuals are equally as guilty of being discourteyous and rude I do hope that I am not one of them. I do know that as a kid when I drove a hay cart, I used to pull over after I collected a few cars and still do today when I am using a slow vehicle for what ever reason (although not often now) Good on your Dad hes my sort of person!
Take care!