Monday, June 11, 2007

Would I be classed as a racist if

I mentioned that some time ago I read a discussion report about the need for and eventual formation of an american indian association (for want of a better way of explaining it) in the US, for the very reason that they were the indiginous specis and believed that they needed to speak with one voice. I also read a similar document regarding the Aboriginal tribes in australia where they as one nation negotiated a considerable amount of their land back via the government.

My next question has to be that we the English must now be fast approaching the point of no return where our next step, must be, to ourselves form an association or federation of the indiginous specis of England and start to do some negotiating of out own.

Clearly our own form of democracy doesn`t work with our debt to the IMF rising in leaps and bounds, and certainly allowing our country to be occupied and our commerce taken over by former enemies must be the last breaths of our once great and free country? Where do we go from this point. there is no suitable party for us to vote for? the current one is headed by an invader, The national front is (and I am no expert) exactly that, a fighting force to keep britain british at any expense, I stand to be corrected of course! The liberals were only ever set up to divide and separate the main parties allowing for the manipulation of the masses. and the conservatives who had set up all the policies (before being voted out) that were then expedited by "the current party now have no wind in their sails and no real leader .

A lot has been said about the importance of the "grey vote" Why? pensions funds are depleting, hospital care is reducing, stealth taxes are increasing, (and I include the paying for parking when visiting Town halls, Hospitals and many other already "paid for" establishments. I don`t mention taxation as that is a blog on its own and some, but regarding death duties, one pays tax all our working life and then when we die the government takes it away. This just reinforces the comment regarding JOB, one definition as to the formation and meaning of the word job is that it stands for Just over broke! All of our lives (and I include those of great wealth) we strive and accumulate in our own particular manner for the future and for what, the national trust gets our grand houses (they own , yes own, more real estate and coastal frontage than MacDonald's ) the tax man takes our financial equity and relations etc received little if anything and if they do it is again taken from them in stamp duty on property etc and once again the eventual death duties.

I therefore have to ask again are they really worried about the grey vote? not a bit. embarrassed yes to such an extent that because so may old folk were found dead in their homes suffering from Hypothermia they gave those over 60 a fuel subsidy! great eh? shutting the door after the horse has bolted, given that most of the grey majority are from the indiginous sector.

I have gone a bit off track but think that I have possibly formed some of the foundation as to why I feel the way I do about the indiginous peoples of England and their reducing rights. I am a Royalist and cringe at the thought of a president of this country, of a single person with the responsibility for life and death both here and abroad. Whilst the queen is only figurative head of state she is human and kind and rich in her own right although of the house of Hanover!

So would I be called a racialist if I called for the indiginous specis of England to stand up for its rights. would I be classed as racialist if I, as Idi Amin did called for all government commerce and industry ( what industry we have given it, yes given it, to our colonies and former enemies) be returned to English ownership. would I be racially pilloried? if the English kids with families, currently homeless were given priority over the immigrant population. am I being unjust if I asked for all immigrants not having been granted british citizenship by a fixed date be returned to their own countries by force if necessary (even though it is possibly too late for the British economy to recover for at least the next one hundred years)

Neither am I a communist ( once defined as a man with nothing that wants to share it with everybody) I am not a Maoist or an Idealist in any way. Yes I don`t want children dying in wars over oil and I believe passionately that soon (this year) an alternative fuel will emerge to reduce oil consumption possibly replacing it! Just watch this space.

I`m not a revolutionairy unless the queen is leading the revolution but I do believe that we need to change our constitution, that those agrieved, indiginous people, need to be heard, before we loose control of our small green and pleasant land!

I am actually of Norman descent ( more like an Eric you might say) but given that both France and England once had nothing but a forest as a boundary and because the English channel didn`t exist back then, I do claim to be a member of the indiginous specis,

Rant over! indigestion gone! its 03-30 and its time for sleep! maybe just one more blog to read :o))


Fuff said...

I don't think you're racist at all Orb. A lot of common sense in there.

rob said...

Thanks Fuff I kind of got on my high horse a bit but I did have indigestion and it was 0300 so perhaps I can be forgiven? :o))