Monday, June 04, 2007

A visit to the broker

Things are moving on and I have now seen a boat that I may have to have, so out of courtesy,I wandered up to the brokers to explain that he hadn`t yet recieved my signed contract because I had changed my mind To which he loudly said WHY! I explained that I was now maybe going to part exchange my boat for another, with cash ajustment, somewhere else. His immediate and quite agressive reply was, WELL YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY US OUR FEE!

Wow!!!! I didnt expect that but I calmly asked him how so, to which he replied, sneering, Well WE HAVE A CONTRACT WITH YOU! could you show it to me? i said, I am now beginning to think that maybe there is something in the verbal contract side of things that I have missed ("a verbal contract isn`t worth the paper its written on") so he stormed off to a filing cabinet and got a contract out and turning to the contract side of document he pointed to the signature and said quite cockily. so who`s signature is that then? to which I replied, not only is that not my signature the 37 Bavaria (my boat is a 41 foot princess a completely different vessel) isn`t a boat that I would own, let alone try to get you to sell.

He deflated completelywas silent and confused for a few seconds and then started to try to repair the damage done. I am so sorry I mistook you for someone else (given that I`m sixfoot one bald and nearly eighteen stone) dont try that on with me there aren`t many of us about I said, I am afraid that I couldn`t do business with you, on a basis like that. Where is the head off ice of your company? (as I was about to write to them to explain my discust at his action. he had only visited the boat to explain how I would carry out my part of putting my boat on to their brokerage list) I walked out and continued my day. which was to include a search for a nice bottle of expensive red wine to give to him for not taking up his original efforts, needless to say I didn`t go there or never will.

A couple of hours later whilst walking back from the Brighton bus I was suddenly accosted by the Broker who was more than apologetic and commence trying to explain that he had issues with my twin and that they were trying to rip him off etc, etc, I listend as politely as I could and thanked him for his concern and assured that he neednt worry about offending me, as his brokerage was the very last place in the world that he would have any need for exercising his limited customers skills on me as I will never darken the dooor again.
Why cant things be easy for a change???? :o))


Eternally Curious said...

OMG! - how ever did you remain so calm and collected?

rob said...

Fear I guess :o)) tee heee!! I just thought that I would let him hang himself, which he did eventually!

Greg and Jamie said...

Wow ~ at least you know where NOT to do business. The boat search is exciting! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

rob said...

I am afraid that my wife is looking at a princess 415 or a 45 for the accomodation and I am looking at a 64 foot home built Roberts cutter and a lot of work!up the river in norfolk Vaginia, I think I posted a picture earlier on I reckon for a $100,000 us I could finish her to a good standard? perhaps I`m biting off more than I can chew even though I have good boatbuilding skills :o((

Fuff said...

Good for you Orb. I can't stand tossers like him either. Worse than estate agents.

rob said...

Yea! they all come from the same school "for failed car dealers" so I guess there would be a similarity :o))