Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Soon be winter

Yes, its getting colder! Yes, it will soon be winter!, Yes, I miss the boat ! Yes, I will be on her in a day or too, so I will be less Pi**ed off. As you might have guessed, I have my Mr Grumpy head on today don`t ask me why? I said don`t ask me !!! alright! Ok I`ll tell you In my previous life I was quite athletic and with the cold weather comes the pain! I ache like B*ggery most of the winter, I am lethargic and as a result boored. I guess I have had life too easily.

I should probably think myself lucky that I have all I could want from life, and should enjoy that in its entirety. But Hey!! I`m human and I want more, what do I want ? I haven`t got a clue, I guess I am searching for the not so holy grail, when I find it I will know. Have I got it already Probably but I don`t recognise it as such. Boored boored boored!

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