Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Indiginous Specis (ten years hence)

I woke early today (05-00) and thought I would stretch myself a little with a post I have considered but not really thought about fully.

As the indiginous specis of the british Isles the early Populace, kelts , saxons etc are already a mixed bunch and so we start in confusion, with all factions believing that they are the true Indiginous specis.

Recently (in say the last 60 years) things have changed quite dramatically. People have migrated south (our government is predominently scottish) landed here from overseas and now we are an even more "watered" down society! Is this a bad thing I have to ask? as I am a believer that the mongrels of this world survive longer are healthier and providing close interbreeding is avoided we will survive!

The Indiginous peoples of USA ( the american indians) after all lost their country to the imigrants and look what that "great super power" has achieved (give or take a few wasteful wars) in the short time following the indians loss.

Is the UK to go the same way, The UK immigration laws, and its blatant abuse, bothers me, not so much for myself but for my children and their children. We are developing areas of high unemployed and low income where all manner of crime is increasing. We have forbidden all hand guns, ( due to one incident perpetrated by a mad man) yet the incidence of (hand ) gun crime is rising rapidly. Our values are depreciating, no longer do we see people standing up to allow a less capable person take their seat on the bus. More often are we hearing of another robbery, too little funding. over zealous Stealth taxation. poor hospitals. In fact the whole UK and its systems are depreciating rapidly. What is the way forward I ask myself. Change the government? bring a halt to continued immigration?.

Increasing numbers of Brits are emigrating fed up with the situation they find themselves in, so they too are guilty of becoming the next generation of immigrants to wherever they decide to settle, and so it goes on.

As a "Norman" ( not am Eric :o)) ) myself I guess I cannot say too much but I have to ask will the UK go the same way as the USA in that the indiginous specis will be minimalised (if its not the case already) or will there be some room for the remaining Brits to lead a good life in a secure established society?

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