Monday, September 25, 2006

Yesterday (Sunday, just so you all know when I wrote this post)

The usual flock (squillions of the b*ggers) of starlings arrived at the marina this afternoon and in "orderly fashion" as if there were some sort of school teacher ordering them to do so, they settled on the rigging of all the marina sail boats, whilst waiting their turn to roost in the area under "Wheatherspoons" which they do each night (while their number grows ready to emigrate to Morocco and then mid Africa). My next door, but one, neighbour decided that she would go to the boat next to me and shake the rigging to dislodge them, this she duly did and they flew off and circled around, but not before they Shat great amounts of blackberry sh*t all over my newly cleaned white GRP boat. Why do people do such things, what a bloody pillock that woman is. I have just spent another hours trying to get blackberry stains out of my gell coat, She walked away without a mark.Her boat which was next door, on the other side to me, to the boot whose rigging she shook was completely missed by them as was she. I wish I was a starling I wouldnt miss her! Oh well! I`m getting used to being in the Sh*t these days.

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