Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Off to SBS today

I quite look forward to a boat show visit, or do I? really! do I? There are so many boats ,so many dreams and perhaps just too much marketing hype. The show organisers don`t exactly tell the truth re the amount of sales, they never really come out and say that the boat industry is drying up or that sales were bad this year or that year, perhaps its just my wrong instincts and they are not? and its only certain manufacturers that are the ones on the bread line, (certainly not Janneau or Beneteau with their cheap productioin costing, spray glass systems).

I shall walk around, as I have done for very many years (not Southampton of course) and look in awe at the large cruisers, Nordhaven etc, the latge sailboats, Swan nautor etc, and the electronic boys toys, sure I have computer navigation and Radar but the forward scanning sonar now available (if one has the money) is incredible. Mind you at fifty knots does it work :o)) (who the hell does fifty knots, well the "Super seasick" does, the sea cats).

I shall eat the burgers and drink the plastic cupped (foul) tea and during the break I shal contemplate why the hell I made the effort to come, then its off to wind up a few stand holders. to watch the man that each year demonstrates the drill bits that can drill right through a file( I wonder what he will be drilling through this year) Oh! and the large bearded gentleman that has a renown bench vice system and carves large eagles and such like, Oh! and the diamond file seller she will be there too, again I ask myself why do I go as I shall see the same boats mostly, certainly the same stalls, (I`m not interested in the diving, sail training, canoeing, ditch crawling,etc so I have cut my required exposure to about 20%) why do I go? the journey is 60 miles the parking absymal! with transfer buses or large amounts of money if you can find a space.

Oh well! its 07.35 here and time to get ready for the two hour journey and to ponder further just why? Why the "hell" do I bother?

answers on a post card to the show organisers please :o))

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