Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back from Brighton

Had a blast today, sorted out the air problem on my Racor filters and took PG out for a burn! with a little growth on the hull and prop to get rid off we went for a twenty mile "burn" ending in MOB excersises to get a friend who has the same boat but never "driven" it get the feel. It was then back to the mooring and a quick check below to ensure that alls well and I found that the diesel filter for the Generator was dripping into the bildge and that both "stuffing glsnds" were excessively dripping too! so its back into the bildge I go again upon my return :o(( is there never any end to "Boat maintenence" ????????????? Te Heee! I love it. so its off to the Solent I go on my next burn de da de da de da!
Off to feed the foxes now! :o))

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