Monday, November 22, 2004

Well,Mondays almost gone!

Morning came early! with a call to help move house, from a tennis star friend (english) so a quick load up of the van, and she drove it to her new house. We unloaded it, boy are these girls strong and fit, not without problems getting "stuff" up on to the second floor around a twisty staircase. We stopped at the (you guessed it) cypriot cafe and Evanthia (Eve) took the Pi*s while Yanni (john) did the cooking (and yes you guessed it I had Tomatoes on toast while my friend tucked into a traditional english breakfast. I sometimes think that my life is getting more and more booring (it is) so I am now sitting down typing this in the hope that I may get some inspiration for the future. I have thought about taking a degree course and getting a doctorate in some obscure subject but cant find one that I think I will complete as I have an ultra short attention span.
Another good friend of mine has gone to Plymouth to take an oceanography/marine sciences degree and is very dissalusioned after only the first couple of months. She was the first lady to obtain an English commercial divers qualification in the world, so she knows quite a bit about Oceans already having dived professionally in many of them. Still miss my dog! and am looking at a mag with the intention of settling upon the type of boat that I want to circumnavigate the world in I really have to sell my old cruiser eventually (shes been good but is getting old! Like me) I think that I would like a steel trawler that I can convert into a super "expedition yacht" I have the expertese, so I could do it quite cheaply( comparitively), although I never finish a project well, as my lack of attention span and attention to detail never hold out long enough (perhaps if I try hard?) Like the idea of the project ! must get back to tiling the newly fitted Kitchen at home (as I said I never finish a project, I fitted the kitchen and had to wait for the tiles, I have now been notified today that they have arrived ) Bo**o**s!!!!! must get down to the boat!!!! So do I take a decree course? buy that project Boat? or at my great age just buy a suitable boat and sail around the world?

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