Saturday, November 20, 2004

Well its Saturday and p*****g down

So far today, I have risen, showered and gone to Cafe for breakfast. The Greek cypriot lady(Eve who with her husband ownes the cafe) served me with the aplomb of a hornet, taking the Pi** and general demeaning me ( so I know that she really likes me ) My breakfast of fried fresh tomatoes on toast really set me up for the day (fresh tomatoes are supposed to be good for the prevention of Prostate cancer so I must be one of the few people that can safely say that they will never ever suffer from it, Never say never eh?) Well I am writing this Blog as I have nothing else to do. I am not very computer literate and not very sure that this will even "come out"so who cares?

At age 61 after a mixed life of many experiences I am in the decline. I have been active for the best part! and sired two kids Male and Female 34/31 had a happy marriage and gone broke at age 32 owing millions (well it seemed like it) I climbed out of the pan and continued working as a liesure manager and ended up retiring at 56 running a theme park. Boy was that an experience? My hobies in the past have included shooting (target) Judo, Kendo and Kyudo ( kendo and kyudo only briefly as my business was failing at the same time) Greco roman wrestling and olympic freestyle wrestling was a long term sport for me ending with a spell on the professional circuit ( I was never very good at it) I have jumped Parachutes and scuba dived and had a hard hat experience at Siebe Gorman, so I havent been without stimulation in my somewhat booring life.

My main love after my family, of course has always been boating and I have sailed for many years ending up owning a power cruiser, which I keep in a south coast marina. I cant wait until the weather gets better and I can get back down to it, her, him, and commence the season of cruises to distant (relevant) places. I am new to Blogging so I may go on a bit it all sorts of directions but once again who cares? I miss my old dog (gemma a cross breed labby) and am looking at a photograph of her on top of my monitor, the day before I had her killed ( put to sleep by the vet) I still feel pangs of guilt even after all this time, she was a great companion and I will always miss her unconditional love (well almost! except for walks, food, chocolate, clearing up after her when she became incontinent) Tomorrow I shall wake again (hopefully) and shower but the cafe is closed so will have breakfast here. I will visit my "yacht club" and seek like minded company briefly as I have to go to a surprise birthday celebration in the afternoon.

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