Sunday, May 18, 2008

I`m a lumberjack and I`m OK!

I am told that including some sex into a blog will get you more readers, well here goes :o))

(yea right!)

Look who got caught today while the weather was ok! among my list of jobs to do was clean the patio`s so I got on with it in brilliant sunshine and the warmth of the approaching summer! Pah!! within five minutes I had my lumberjack shirt "blue Crocks" on and "mucky legs". After another five hours I had finished about 75% of it. Still thats another bit of my jobs done. I`d sooner have been pressure washing the bottom of my boat, but then I did that in Februrary Brrrrr!


Anonymous said...

Rob, what you should of done was to cover the patio in meat jelly and let the pup loose. Voila, job done! Anyway, a fine set of pins, not sure about the shirt tho. Duelling bangos...Deliverance... Oops did i type that out aloud. LOL. Huge hugs to you all. Tugmeister x

rob said...

Hi Tugs! thanks for the comments :o)) not a bad idea re the meat jelly and the pup!

bowiechick said...

Nice knees Rob.

rob said...

Hi Tana thanks for your comment and for the compliment. :o))

Overboard said...

Classic, Orb.
Tooooooooo funny.
I want to use that photo instead of the Titanic one of my arms outstretched at the top of my blog.
Go onnnnn. Let me borrow it for a bit.
Would love to try it.
Would look so funny.

Overboard said...

You've got to come and check out my blog, Orb.
You're a star!

Fuff said...

hehe. You're famous now....

rob said...

Oh my God!!!!! :o(( what do I do? Wow I am aghast, agahst, a????? oh Bo*locks I dont know what to say it was only a bit of fun but the thought of walking up the red carpet in Licester square dressed in that get out terrifies me! perhaps they will do a TV series on my ( Trans sexual that is as I spend so much time in Brighton)Sure you can use the photo, Mmmmmm as long as you are not too rude about the two muddy bits of cotton hanging out the bottom of my "lumber-jack" shirt! they are actually my legs. Tee Hee :o))

rob said...

If you want a photo for a giggle I will mai you one :o)) Tee Hee but I guess that you have more on your mind at present, keep your spirits up and remember we all care for you