Friday, June 09, 2006

Cruise ship off Brighton

The cruise ship currently at anchor off Brighton Marina is disgorging passengers into the Marina by "Bun boat" landing them behind the RNLI mooring position. The passengers leave the boats and go for a walk around the marina, I don`t believe that any or many of them actually get to see the highlife of Briton proper? I can`t help thinking that an oportunity has been missed here. If I were the local leader of the council I would have met the Captain and the passengers on board and personally welcomed them to Brighton (complete with Town cryer). what a wonderful oportunity to miss? just imagine if the next time the weather was suitable and the next cruise ship passing did the same what would that eventually do for the taking of the brighton shops, if any of the pasengers found out about the wonderful bus service and the ease of the Taxi system here. I would probably get the Chamber of commerce involved too. Oh well just a thought!

One of my regular customers (for my Skippering Services) has asked me to take them out and around the cruise liner tomorrow (if its still there that is) so I will even get to be able to give you the name of her too :o)) if the wind is OK (as his vessel is as big as a house and shape like a floating sideboard) we should leave the marina at and hour before Highwater (10-00) and return three hours later but it never actually happens like that and low water here we come with it usual problems of poorly dredged and restricted channel into the Lock and her home berth.

The weather here is great for the third day running with temperatures in the 70s and a clear blue sky, a small/little adiabatic wind (for Fluff!) which is quite cooling suprisingly enough!

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