Saturday, September 17, 2005

Brightons song

Here I sit on the first floor of an internet cafe, watching the people passing and listening to a group of street singers, singing mostly clasical leads from La Traviata through most others. They have been at it for over an hour and are doing it for the "Save the children fund" I sat for nearly an hour, watching in wonderment at the voices of these seven young gifted men.

What could I do to equal that? Certainly not singing. I have thought of jumping out of a plane without a chute and getting someone to fit one on as I fall, but I`m not sure that I would trust many of my friends to do that :o)) Its a great day here with the sky clear and the air warm. the background noise gives me a certain, much needed, feeling of belonging.

I went to the preview day of the Southampton boat show yesterday and marvelled at the super yachts and equipment available also at the fact that someone can actually afford these Bhemoths. I had a good look at the "Nordhaven 47" and believe that it was the best motor yacht at the show, but failed to see how on earth the, bathing platform, boarding ladder can be lowered into position with the handrail in position. Oh well its off for cofee and a trip back to the boat. Great Saturday!

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